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Copper Creek Hardware has adopted this Policy, effective as of May 1, 2018. This Policy is subject to change at any time by Copper Creek Hardware, at our sole discretion.


Copper Creek Hardware, Inc. believes that adoption of this Policy is an important component of our strategy to properly support internet sales, preserve and protect the value of our intellectual property and the rights therein, and ensure that Copper Creek Hardware line of products is supported with truthful and intentional marketing, effective product presentation and placement, and pre-sale and post-sale customer service and education.




This Policy applies to all distributors of Copper Creek Hardware products who buy from any channel of distribution, whether directly from Copper Creek Hardware (“Copper Creek Hardware Customers”) or any representative, brick and mortar retailer or distributor, and who now or hereafter sells any Copper Creek Hardware products online or resells any Copper Creek Hardware products to one or more companies operating Internet websites on which they sell, or intend to sell, Copper Creek Hardware products.


A Copper Creek Hardware Customer who has been determined to comply with the Policy may qualify to be an official Authorized Online Reseller (“Reseller”). Below are the policies and procedures that Copper Creek Hardware will apply in working with our Customers to support the distribution of our products on the internet.


This Policy applies to online marketing & sales activities ONLY.


A Copper Creek Hardware Customer currently operating under other Copper Creek Hardware channel policies should continue to abide by its preexisting agreement as it pertains to stocking, sales minimums and brick and mortar customer services.



Copper Creek Hardware has determined that Resellers should meet certain criteria and fulfill certain responsibilities consistent with the Copper Creek Hardware strategy to maximize opportunities and benefits to all channel participants. In order to qualify, monitor and enforce those criteria and responsibilities, Copper Creek Hardware will maintain and promote a master list (“Authorized List”) of Resellers who meet its criteria and continue to fulfill the responsibilities established by Copper Creek Hardware.


The Policy includes both key expectations of Resellers and the Copper Creek Hardware commitment to provide marketing support only to those Resellers. Pursuant to the Policy Copper Creek Hardware will provide the following marketing support to Resellers:

  • Access to select Copper Creek Hardware marketing materials, product descriptions, product images and other materials in electronic format;
  • A license to use the COPPER CREEK HARDWARE trademark and other intellectual property on Reseller websites;
  • Access to training, support, assistance, resources and other materials that Copper Creek Hardware makes available only to Resellers
  • Inclusion of links to Reseller websites on the official Copper Creek Hardware website; and
  • Permission to use and display the official Authorized Online Reseller logo.
  • Authorized Online Resellers will be featured on Copper Creek when users search for Online Resellers in the Copper Creek Where-To-Buy section. Where To Buy page results priority will be given to resellers that provide links that feature Copper Creek Hardware specific content ONLY.


In turn, under the Policy Copper Creek Hardware, Inc. has the following expectations of Resellers:


  • Support applicable new Copper Creek Hardware product introductions with premiere product display and promotional activities.
  • Provide live customer support during normal business hours, M-F. Agree to a minimum of customer service training annually.
  • Product Sales authorized for sale in the USA and US territories ONLY, to purchasers located in the USA and US territories ONLY.
  • Comply with Copper Creek Hardware standard terms and conditions of sale.
  • Provide secure shopping cart and SSL certification for the full online transactional process
  • May not use any Copper Creek Hardware brand name in a root URL
  • Utilize and maintain Copper Creek Hardware Brand Standards, trademarks and intellectual property according to the guidelines set out in the Copper Creek Hardware Brand and Visual Standards document as judged by the Copper Creek Hardware Web Team. Confirmation of compliance is required prior to launch and includes the submission of sample pages for final launch approval submitted to


  • Use Copper Creek Hardware authorized product images and product copy, all of which will be distinct data and information provided by the Management of Copper Creek Hardware and only upon approval to be an authorized Online Retail partner. This will include, but not limited to:
    • All product page: product titles, product descriptions, Copper Creek Hardware SKU#, meta data and Technical Information


  • To observe the highest standards of fair dealing, positively contribute to maintaining the reputation of Copper Creek Hardware and its channel partners and refrain from any deceptive practices, including but not limited to bait and switch, misrepresentation of product quantities available for immediate sale, or misrepresentation of product features, consumer benefits or operational characteristics
  • To keep and maintain only up-to-date product information and materials regarding Copper Creek Hardware products on their websites
  • To maintain certain basic customer service and support functions in serving customers purchasing Copper Creek Hardware products
  • Must NOT sell product on eBay,, Amazon, or other auction or Marketplace based web site.
  • Resellers using online advertising (i.e. -banner ads, Pay-Per-Click, etc.) who include any variant of the Copper Creek Hardware brand name(s) in the ad must use a destination URL that brings the consumer to a landing page whose content features only our brand or products supported by appropriate digital assets, data sets, descriptions, or marketing materials.
  • To comply with certain other policies and criteria applicable to their websites and their marketing and sales of Copper Creek Hardware products as may be announced from time to time.


Internet Minimum Advertised Policy:

Copper Creek Hardware, Inc. is focused on maintaining high margins for our entire sales and distribution sales network.  In recognition of the investment in time and resources required to provide the level of customer service and product knowledge expected from our customers, Copper Creek Hardware, committed to enforcing policies which allow our resellers to maintain high profit margins through the sale of our products.  Copper Creek Hardware, Inc. has an established Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy that an Authorized Reseller must follow for the advertising and marketing of Copper Creek Hardware, Inc. products. All Copper Creek Hardware, Inc. Authorized Resellers must agree to the terms and conditions of the following MAP Policy.


MAP pricing for all Copper Creek Hardware, Inc. products can be found on your current price list. All advertised prices must be at or above MAP for all Copper Creek Hardware, Inc.products if a MAP price has been established by Copper Creek Hardware, Inc. Resellers are not required to list prices in advertising.  If a price is listed in an advertisement it must be at or above MAP. Other statements such as “call for price” or “call for quote” are acceptable and permitted.

Resellers are also responsible for ensuring their Copper Creek Hardware, Inc. displayed retail pricing is at or above MAP on internet search engines. Resellers are free to set the actual resale price of any product as long as it is at or above MAP price given the most recent publication of the price list. Copper Creek Hardware, Inc.’s MAP policy applies to advertising placements, including but not limited to: print ads (inserts, magazines, newspapers, catalogs, mail order catalogs, etc.), broadcast (radio and TV), direct mail, faxes, internet placement with third parties (banner ads, broadcast emails, destination pages, third-party sites), internet placements on resellers own website, and any flyers, posters or coupons.

From time to time, Copper Creek Hardware, Inc. may permit resellers to advertise MAP Products at prices lower than the MAP price. In such events, Copper Creek Hardware, Inc. reserves the right to modify or suspend the MAP price with respect to the affected products for a specified period of time by providing advance notice to all resellers of such changes.


Copper Creek Hardware, Inc.’s MAP Policy does allow resellers to omit pricing entirely from advertisements and/or advertisement statements such as “Call for Price” or “Call for Quote.”

Free shipping and/or handling, 0% sales tax, or free financing promotions do not violate the MAP.


Price matching policies are acceptable.  Price matching cannot be used as a valid reason for violations of Copper Creek Hardware, Inc.’s MAP Policy. Advertised price must always be at MAP or higher.



At the sole discretion of Copper Creek Hardware, Inc., failure to comply with MAP, intentional and/or repeated failure to abide, may result in the immediate loss of Authorized Reseller status and your ability to purchase all Copper Creek Hardware, Inc. products both direct as well as through distribution. 


Copper Creek Hardware, Inc. will utilize the following steps to resolve MAP violations:

  1. Any and all dealers selling Copper Creek Hardware, Inc. products which have not signed an Copper Creek Hardware, Inc. MAP Policy agreement are classified as Unauthorized Resellers.
  2. Distributors of Copper Creek Hardware, Inc. are required to provide a signed MAP agreement from any dealer selling Copper Creek Hardware, Inc. products. Unauthorized dealers should not be sold to or provided a feed from any distributor whatsoever.
  3. Violations from Authorized Resellers will need to be corrected within 24 hours of notification.
    1. First Violation:  Authorized Reseller’s account will be put on hold temporarily and a written warning will be provided.  MAP violations must be corrected within 24 hours. Upon correction and following 30 days of compliance, violation will then be cleared.
    2. Second Violation:  Authorized Reseller’s account will be put on hold for 30 days.
    3. Third Violation:  Authorized Reseller’s account will be put on hold for 180 days. After this duration, Copper Creek Hardware, Inc. will review and determine if account is to be reinstated.  
    4. Fourth Violation:  Should Copper Creek Hardware, Inc. decide to reinstate an Authorized Reseller who has previously demonstrated a third violation, yet violates a fourth time, the account will be unauthorized indefinitely.  


*UPON the discretion of Copper Creek Hardware, Inc. new pricing can be issued.  Pricing must be updated within 30 business days from the date received.




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